ValerieDirector, Valerie Perkins

Valerie has 16 years experience working in early childhood education. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and Family Science and is Director Certified. She has taught infants, twos, threes, fours, and music. She entered Preschool Administration in 2007 and has been at St. Christopher Preschool since August 2010. “I feel that preschool Christian education is what God has called me to do. I love that I can partner with parents to help their children grow and develop as God intends. I love that I get to teach the children Bible Stories in Chapel each day and sing songs with them.






LoriPre-K Teacher, Lori Lyons (Ms. Lyons)

Lori is beginning her 16th year of teaching at St. Christopher Preschool. She recently completed her CDA certification through CampFire USA, a national early childhood education organization.  Lori has also served as Nursery Director for St. Christopher Episcopal Church and has been working with children in various capacities for 20 years.

“My favorite parts of the preschool day are circle time and science activities. I love to see the kids get so excited when we talk about new things. They are so eager to learn and share what they know.”






SherryThree Year Old Teacher, Sherry Harwell (Ms. Harwell)

Sherry is beginning her 18th year teaching at St. Christopher Preschool. She recently completed her CDA certification and Director certification through Campfire USA, a national early childhood education organization. Sherry acts as Director in Charge in the absence of the Director.

 “My favorite part of the preschool day is when the children arrive. I love the children’s good morning greetings and their looks of joy and excitement for what the day offers.”






LisaTwo Year Old Teacher, Lisa Torres (Ms. Lisa)

Ms. Lisa is entering her 8th year of teaching here at St. Christopher Preschool. She has worked in all of our classrooms as a teacher assistant and is now leading the two year old classroom.

 “My favorite parts of the preschool day are crafts and group time. I especially enjoy hanging out with the two year olds because they have so much energy. They are fun.”






BettyTeacher Assistant, Betty Carol Woolery (Ms. Carol)

Betty (Ms. Carol) is beginning her 6th year of serving as a Teacher Assistant at St. Christopher Preschool. Ms. Carol has previous education experience as a public school teacher and preschool teacher. She has been in education for about 40 years! We are blessed to have Ms. Carol on our team!

“I began teaching because I love children and learning. The children are completely open, honest, and loving. Their intelligence and creativity is always amazing.”





ColetteTeacher Assistant, Colette Strawbridge (Ms. Colette)

Ms. Colette is in her third year of serving as Teacher Assistant in our two year old classroom.  She attended TCU for a few semesters working toward a Psychology degree, but then decided to switch majors.  She is currently transitioning into a new major at a different college.  We are blessed by Colette’s energy, dependability, and the ability to step in all classrooms and help as needed.

“My favorite part of the preschool day is when the children are playing in learning centers, because my favorite part of teaching young children is their creativity and imagination.  The stories and games they think up are always funny and interesting.”


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