Parent Testimonies

 “Why Didn’t I Go Here When I Was 3?”images-2

by:  Allison Scales, Mother

Ruthie had been at the same babysitter’s home since she was 2 months old. She did not want to go to preschool at all.  She was very shy, nervous, and cried when I dropped her off the first day.  When I picked her up she was totally a different kid!  She was smiling, happy, and so excited!  The first thing she said was, “Mom, did you know they have 3 year olds here?  Why didn’t I go here when I was 3?”  She loved it.  She talked all the way home and told me all the fun stuff she did all day and couldn’t wait to go back.  She loves going to preschool at St. Christopher Preschool!


holiday_clip_art_762“Blessed Beyond Measure!”

By: Kimberly Permann, Mother

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the preschool program at St. Christopher’s Preschool. We are so blessed to have our children in the care of such loving and patient individuals.  Not only do they feed my children’s minds, but also their souls.


“Fun Food Friday”

By:  Mary Onuoha, Mother

Every Friday Winter enjoys coming home to tell us about “Fun Food Friday.” The kids always make a fun, tasty, and interesting treat each Friday that also corresponds with the letter of the week.  This is definitely Winter’s favorite activity of the week.


book1“I Could Write a Book!”

By: Christie Gibson

I am a teacher and understand the importance of having a solid foundation for children.  I was very picky about where my child would go for daycare .  I have a degree in child development and know the first 5 years are critical in their learning and development.  When I took my son there as a 2 year old, all my fears were erased.  I could go to work everyday knowing he was in good hands.  My son was at St. Christopher for 3 years and is now in Kindergarten; where he is so far ahead of his classmates he has already met the requirements to be in first grade!  It is so satisfying to know your child is starting his elementary career ahead of the game.  I never had any worries about him while he was at St. Christopher because the teachers were so good to him and really taught him life skills, as well as, educational foundation. He loved going to school there because he knew he was loved.  My child has ADHD and thrived.  The teachers really get to know your child and can give you great insight into what they are doing and how they are learning.  I cried the last day of his last year there because I knew we were leaving a home and family atmosphere that we would not get at a public school.  My son still wishes he could go back there.  Every time we drive by he says, “There is my school!” I could write a book about all the things that are great about this place. You will not regret having your child at St. Christopher!


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