St. Christopher School implements a theme based curriculum which utilizes creative learning centers, along with small and large group activities to foster the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development of each child.


schoolThe Two-Year-Old Class

Primarily focuses on developing social, language, and self-help skills.  Intentional play activities and art activities provide opportunities for color, number, and shape recognition skills as well as fine motor development needed for pre-writing.


The Three-Year-Old Class

Continues to develop social and language skills, with more emphasis on letter recognition. Learning centers, as well as large and small group activities continue to provide opportunities for listening comprehension, problem solving skills, print awareness, counting skills, and fine motor activities for writing development.


The  Four-Year-Old Class

Expands upon those skills learned in the three year old class.  Activities provide opportunities for producing rhyming words, identifying words that begin with the letter sound of the week,  writing first name and letters, and learning to thrive in a social, classroom setting.  Math, science, and computer opportunities provided in learning centers, as well as large and small groups.


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